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We offer a variety of brands, models, woods, styles, textures and color; each with a unique trend that will reflect your lifestyle, from traditional to modern; to contemporary to lean. Our team of experts will work with your unique demands and needs, maximizing the efficiency of your space and still maintaining the look that you’ve always dream of. We can customize your residential or commercial kitchen, for both indoors and, outdoors.

Kitchen Accessories

Your personalized touch comes when you add those “extra” things that make it your own such as: crown-moldings, under-molding, under-cabinet lighting, and hardware. Also, we customize your regular or frosted cabinet glass, glass shelves, under-mount sink, lazy-Susan, hoods and, more etc.

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When choosing your countertop the sky is the limit! Our extended range of products choices will indeed make a difference from granite, marble, or just modern tiles.

Stone: Granites, Quartz, Marble

Granite and Quartz come with different patterns, colors, styles, thickness, bull-nose and delicate details to give you that wanted finish touch. You can use these stones in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, pool bars, hotels, lobbies, tables, on walls and, floors indoors or outdoors.

Laminate or Formica

Each piece its different and unique, form modern to classic. With an endless collection of colors, patterns, textures you could select form solid colors to versatile patterns and textures. From funky and hip to granite look alike and stone. Laminate is made out of different durable plastic and is specially glued and heated in order to manipulate onto a treated wood panel. Laminate can be used with indoor kitchens, bars, tables and, offices.

Ceramic and Tiles

Which ever is your indoor or outdoor project, ceramic and tiles are made in a variety of different materials with different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Nowadays, a width selection of types and finishes of glass are available for those that are looking for a more modern style. They can be used practically anywhere such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, terrace, balconies among others. You can make a combination of tiles, ceramics, stones, brisk or other materials to make a customized designed just for you.

Office and Closets

Our line of products provides with residential and commercial grade offices. This includes from costume build racks, shelves, desks, work areas, closets, file cabinets, security, and divisions. Our portfolio of clients includes a wide variety of projects like: restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, apartments, homes, medical offices, operation rooms, recovery rooms and administrative offices. We have the knowledge to comply with all the regulations concerning these establishments regarding our line of work.


After a long day, we all want our own retrieve in a calming and luxurious place where we can recharge our energies! We can achieve that by transforming your bathroom into a spa. There is a large variety of vanities and bathroom cabinets for extensive storage. Our line of light fixtures will provide with the calming “ambiance” for you to relax along with your own water design just where you need to melt away your stress.

Bath Accessories

Unique designed bathroom accessories can be provided for additional comfort and convenience in your bathroom. Some say accessories are the finishing touches around your Zen space.

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Antique House or Historical Buildings

We have over 15 years of experience working with antique homes and historical buildings that are protected by the Instituto de Cultura of Puerto Rico and we are certified by them to comply and preserve our culture and our homes. Our dedicated team of architects, engineers and administrative staff are detail oriented and has the experience to achieve a successful project. The technology that we have today gives us the advantage to make an exact replica of all carved work. All of our work is meticulously documented and photographed to match the new work to its original state. Most of the hardware, fixtures, floors, doors and windows can be supply to match the original.

Water fixtures

It doesn’t matter if is a classic look or a sleek look we have a variety of water fixtures for your home or business to serve your everyday need. Finishes: chrome, stainless-steal, brass, antique brass, porcelain, satin or gold.

Lightning fixtures

Our line of lighting fixtures will illuminate, protect, and give “ambiance” to your entire home or business. Everything from your home garden to your office can be easily illuminated with our exclusive styles fixtures and energy saving products.


We are currently in the process of remodeling our office and showroom in order to update our merchandise to bring you the latest models available. Our stock inventory its currently in an up to 80% discount sale. Cannot miss these bargains! You can find all bathroom accessories from $5.00 to $15.00 ea. Floor displays such as toilets, sinks, mirrors, water fixtures, kitchens and baths.

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