Tecno-Hogar was founded in 1994 with the goal of giving to each house the feeling of an unique and modern  home that suits everyone’s needs. As the years when by we discovered that our clients needed to expand their  comfort zones and unique spaces to their work places such as offices and businesses. We are dedicated to improve your lifestyle to an upward inner atmosphere. Our business holds the pledge to make  you indoors as well as your outdoors a more functional and beautiful place. Our efforts go beyond remodeling a  bathroom, a kitchen or your entire floor plan; it’s starts by restoring a new state of mind within your own space. We  also assure that your office, business or work place will engage into the style and vision that enhances the efficiency  that you require. For almost two decades we have developed the knowledge, the creativity and the keenness to restore antique  structures to their original state. Also we keep updated with the latest improvements that will just spice up your  modern environments. We carry a variety of moldings, faucets, tiles, granite products, as well as kitchen and  bathroom gadgets. Ideas and future plans are limitless within our devoted staff. If updating, building or restoring your office, restaurant, home or working area is your need; we are the one’s to be call.  Our commitment follows the path to a well satisfy customer. Bring your dreams, we will make them true!  
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